We spoke to Dhruv Sawhney, CEO, Rize, on reaching decarbonisation goals, bottlenecks, and opportunities for speeding up the rate of adoption.

Under Dhruv’s leadership, Rize is building a full stack technology platform that will serve and support smallholding farmers transition to sustainable low carbon rice while improving their resilience.

Food production accounts for over a quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. How can we accelerate momentum on the commitments made by major players to reduce emissions from agriculture systems?

Dhruv Sawhney, CEO, RIZE
Dhruv Sawhney, CEO, RIZE

Recognise, incentivise and prioritise. Just like we have helped make an energy transition happen by making it a priority and putting incentives for renewable sources, we need to create the same frameworks and incentives for a transition to ‘green and sustainable’ food sources.

How are companies going to reach decarbonisation goals? How are investment trends shifting as we assess the rate of adoption for new solutions? How does innovation across help to reduce the carbon footprint of the agricultural ecosystem?

Rate of adoption is still slow and the bottleneck is around Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) and certification techniques for Carbon credits issuance. We need a more standardised taxonomy and language for this pace to increase. Then the ecosystem can grow.

Who is willing to commit to the cost of carbon and the green premium of more sustainable, bio-based alternatives?

Sometimes there need not be premiums. Better and progressive practices can deliver improvement in yield and pay for the transition. We do need some incentives to help kick start the journey and help platforms like Rize to get more farmers connected and adopt these better practices. Improvement in nutrition, reduction in GHG, fertilisers, lowering water and energy and a SOC improvement offer a strong value creation. This needs to be better communicated to consumers so they can make a smarter choice on retail shelves.

You will be speaking at the Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit in October. Who are you most excited to connect with there?

Yes. Super excited and looking forward to meet ecosystem partners both on the input supplies and output side as Rize offers a unique opportunity to drive this transformation at scale for rice/paddy growers.

Dhruv will be joining the panel, ‘Decarbonisation: Forging the Roadmap for Emissions Reduction from Food and Agriculture Systems’, on day one of the summit. See the full agenda here.