Innovation and Investments in Alternative Proteins: Pre-summit Q&A with Lalana Thiranusornkij, SVP – Head of Innovation and New Product Development at CPF Group

We caught up with Lalana Thiranusornkij to get CPF‘s perspective on the growing demand for alternative proteins in Asia, and what the industry needs to do to efficiently (and sustainably) scale supply.

Lalana, CPF
Lalana Thiranusornkij, CPF GROUP

Building infrastructure, bolstering supply chains, widening input sources, outsourcing processes, skills gaps… What are the vital areas of production that need innovation and investment in order to increase supply of alternative proteins to market and create affordable, economically viable products?

For alternative proteins to meet consumer requirements in all aspects – protein source, product quality such as taste and texture, price parity – all parts of the jigsaw must be put together to make that picture happen. Upstream protein sources need to be accessible at the right quantity and price, and processing technology to manufacture the required texture midstream and downstream available to consumers at the right price. Innovation and investments will make this possible and hence wider consumption will certainly be adopted.

Why is the Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit an important date in your diary? Who are you hoping to meet?

The Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit is an important date in my diary because it is an annual meeting to update myself with new and emerging ideas and technology in the alternative protein space, food technology and supply chain sustainability in one event. It’s great to see the progress from all players, hear of the challenges that are still affecting us and to see the light towards the end of the tunnel where we will all be successful in achieving our mutual goals. An ideal event to meet up with corporates who have the scale to supply and start-ups to bring solutions to address the problems!

Lalana is an advisory board member of the Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit 2022, and will speak on the panel ‘Advancing Sustainable Protein Scale-Up & Large-Scale Commercialisation’. See the full agenda.