Terviva’s Ponova™  food ingredients: Pre-Summit Q&A with Ashley Kleckner, SVP of Sales & Marketing at Terviva

Ahead of the Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit, we had the pleasure of catching up with Ashley Kleckner, SVP of Sales & Marketing at Terviva, to learn more about why Ponova™  food ingredients will stand out at this year’s conference.

What sets Ponova oil and protein apart from other plant-based ingredients?

Our ingredients help food companies reduce their carbon emissions while providing the taste and nutritional value that consumers crave. We produce oil and protein from the beans of a tree crop called pongamia, which has a history in reforestation in Asia. Our supply chain spans reforestation projects in India, Australia, and the US that restore lands, contribute to healthier environments, and support farmer and smallholder communities who produce climate-friendly foods.

Ponova™ oil, our first commercial product, is a sustainable clean label replacement for commonly used vegetable oils for a wide range of plant based applications. We’re excited to work with brands that value having a positive environmental and socioeconomic impact while delivering tasty and healthy foods to consumers.

Why would a CPG be interested in using Ponova oil in place of other popular vegetable oils such as soy, coconut, canola, or olive oil?

Ponova™ oil is nutritious and delicious. It has a unique blend of saturated fats and a slow melting curve make it an excellent ingredient for a wide range of plant-based products. Ponova™ oil has a buttery flavor and rich mouthfeel compared to other vegetable oils. We’ve found that replacing vegetable oils like sunflower and canola with Ponova™ improves the taste and mouthfeel of plant based milk and creamers, butter, and mayo. In plant based chicken, we’ve experienced better texture and juicier tenders. We have also tested Ponova™ oil in baked good applications and have seen great results.

 What can visitors expect from Terviva at this year’s event?

 Several of our executive team members from California and India will be in attendance and we look forward to sharing more about our food ingredients. You can locate us at booth 12 to learn more and to taste our golden Ponova™ oil.

Additionally, my colleague Zoe Chan, who leads corporate strategy at Terviva, will join a panel talk on new trends in plant-based protein at 3:20pm on Friday, Oct 28 on the main stage. We look forward to seeing you there!

Terviva is a Gold Partner at the Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit and Zoe Chan, Head of Corporate Strategy at Terviva, will join the panel discussion ‘Driving Clean & Green Plant-Based Protein Innovation’. See the full agenda here.