Calysta is fighting against overfishing with $30 million investment from BP >

Within the next two years it is predicted that we will harvest more fish from farms than the ocean. This is leading to overfishing and damage to ecosystems as farmed fish eat wild fish. Calysta is striving to prevent overfishing, harm to marine ecosystems and the reduction in local food sources by developing alternative fish feed.

Interview with Francesco Prinetti, Ferrero Innovation Center >

Ahead of his speaking role at Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Week, we spoke to Francesco Prinetti, Managing Director at Ferrero Innovation Center, Singapore. In this exclusive interview, he shares with us his innovation strategy and 'Change by Preserving' approach, the main opportunities in Asia for Ferrero and how this heritage food brand is connecting with Asia's innovators.

Impossible Foods and the Plant-Based Opportunity in Asia >

What makes Asia such an important focus for Impossible Foods at this time, and how important has it been for the company to launch initially in Hong Kong? Asia is a key growth market for several reasons - 46% of the world’s demand for meat comes from Asia and is where demand for meat is growing the fastest, with a growth rate of 70% over the next couple of decades. We want to make Impossible Foods’ product available everywhere, but most urgently in the region where meat consumption is growing exponentially. Similarly, Hong Kong has more restaurants per square foot than any other city in the world and is a leader in food and cultural trends, so it made sense for us strategically to start our Asia expansion in the city.

Global Leaders to Discuss the Future of Food in Asia >

More than 600 leaders and participants from global agribusinesses, indoor farms, food brands, ingredient developers, start-ups and investors will come together to exchange ideas on how technology can be applied to the challenges facing the agri-food value chain in Asia

Why Olam is Deploying Tech First, Then Thinking About CVC >

Suresh Sundararajan, President and Group Head of Strategic Investments and Shared Services at Olam International weighs in on the company deploying technology first and then thinking about CVC with AgFunder News.