Calysta’s FeedKind

Within the next two years it is predicted that we will harvest more fish from farms than the ocean. This is leading to overfishing and damage to ecosystems as farmed fish eat wild fish.

Calysta is striving to prevent overfishing, harm to marine ecosystems and the reduction in local food sources by developing alternative fish feed. Within its factory in northern England, it is utilising natural gas to feed bacteria converting it into single-cell proteins to feed farm fish, creating a product they call FeedKind. In June, Calysta announced it had received a $30 million investment from BP, giving them first priority to supply their future factories.

Speaking to Jon Emont at The Wall Street Journal, Alan Shaw, Chief Executive at Calysta, said “If we take any more fish out of the ocean—what we call wild-caught—then literally the ecosystem could collapse.” Calysta believes natural gas is the key to scaling up their innovation due to its low cost.

Alan Shaw will be presenting ‘Mind the Gap! – The Protein Gap, Where We are Now and What Needs to Happen Next’ at 12:45pm on Thursday, November 21 at Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Week in Singapore.

Read more about how the industry is changing the fish-eat-fish world in The Wall Street Journal: