Governments around the world have demonstrated their deepened support for cellular agriculture as one of the key solutions that can ensure food security and address food-related climate challenges.

Aleph Farms was recognized earlier today as an Innovation Sprint Partner of the Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate (AIM for Climate). As part of this innovation sprint, $40 million is being invested in cellular agriculture R&D over the next five years through Aleph Farms with the support of Catterton, Strauss Group, VisVires New Protein, CPT Capital, Synthesis Capital, Food Tank and Christensen Global. ]

The United States and the United Arab Emirates officially launched the AIM for Climate initiative, alongside 39 other countries and over 180 non-governmental partners, at the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of Parties (also known as COP26). Of AIM for Climate’s four focal areas for innovation in 2022, both methane reduction and emerging technologies in agriculture are directly linked to cultivated meat.

Feed9B Singapore Restaurant Week

One of AIM for Climate’s partner countries, Singapore, furthered its leadership in food innovation and sustainability today when its national food agency facilitated a tasting of Aleph Farms’ cultivated steaks and other innovative food products. Aleph Farms was the only non-local cultivated meat company that served its products in the tasting, which was part of Feed9B Singapore Restaurant Week, a FoodTech section of the island-wide Singapore Food Festival and the first such section of any restaurant week worldwide.

“As we await regulatory approval for commercialization in Singapore, showcasing Aleph Farms’ steaks for policymakers demonstrates strategic governmental support for cellular agriculture,” said Dr. Neta Lavon, CTO of Aleph Farms. “As more nations incorporate innovative production systems into their roadmaps, humanity will make further strides towards more sustainable and resilient food systems.”

Cultivated Meat: a solution for both food security and climate health

As an AIM for Climate Innovation Sprint Partner, we will be accelerating investment in cellular agriculture, which, together with sustainable animal agriculture, can help achieve some of the most impactful climate goals of our times, including an expeditious reduction of methane emissions.

We are proud to be leading an AIM for Climate Innovation Sprint focused on cellular agriculture,” said Dr. Lee Recht, Vice President of Sustainability at Aleph Farms. “It is imperative that we continue our work with diverse partners across the meat sector to enable environmentally sound food production. Such public-private cooperation is essential for ensuring that the world’s growing population has access to high-quality nutrition.”

About Aleph Farms
At Aleph Farms, we are passionate about addressing the negative externalities associated with intensive animal agriculture, including those related to animal welfare, greenhouse gas emissions, and excessive exploitation of natural resources. As an AIM for Climate Innovation Sprint Partner, our cellular agriculture R&D will extend beyond growing meat, which represents only one third of any cow that is slaughtered for conventional beef. To achieve our broader vision and the aspiration of many leaders across cellular agriculture, we are providing alternatives to products that come from other parts of the cow as well. Read more about our new capabilities that will expand our positive impact even further.

Aleph Farms is a Gold Partner at the Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit in Singapore. Hear from Didier Toubia, Co-Founder and CEO at Aleph Farms at the panel session, ”Cultivated Proteins: Building Supply Chains and Accelerating Market Growth” at 10.40 am SGT on Friday, October 28.