Ahead of the Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit, AgFunder News spoke to John Purcell, CEO at Unfold about scaling up vertical farming.

John Purcell - Unfold - Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation SummitJohn Purcell will be hosting a presentation on Day 2 on ‘Technology Deep-Dive // Optimising Seeds for Vertical Farming’ on the virtual stage.

The company will play a key role in Asia and particularly in Singapore: “We are really in the early days of putting together our Asia strategy. But it’s clear Singapore will be part of this, and we will have a presence there. The level of interest there is very impressive. It lacks arable land, is great for vertical farming, and [has] an impressive innovation ecosystem. There’s lots of tech there applicable to vertical farming.

“In Asia more broadly, there’s a growing level of investment [in agrifoodtech], large urban areas, high population – so vertical farming is natural fit. Of course there’s also a history of vertical farming in Asia; it has been happening in Japan for a while. So urban farming has already been proven in Asia in terms of its role in providing produce.”

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