AgFunder News recently caught up with Ho Ren Hua, CEO at Thai Wah, in the run up to his appearance as a panellist at the Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit.

Ho Ren Hua will be participating in the Day 1 Opening Plenary session entitled ‘Building Food Security in Asia Pacific in the Aftermath of Covid-19‘, sharing the (virtual) stage with Syngenta‘s regional director Alexander Berkovskiy, ADM‘s regional president Leo Liu, and renowned consumer business strategist Ireena Vittal.

Ho Ren Hua, CEO of Thai Wah

Thai Wah experienced a “challenging” 2019 according to Ho. Thailand, the company’s main production center and supply source, was hit with an outbreak of cassava mosaic virus, as well as drought and significant appreciation in the value of the local currency, making exports more expensive.

And that’s before Covid-19 came along. By the look of things, 2020 is likely to prove an even tougher year for Thai Wah. But even before the pandemic hit, the 70-year old company was increasingly implementing tech-based solutions to drive efficiency and sustainability in its traditional agrifood manufacturing business.

This includes working with its supplier farmers to pilot technologies like drones and satellite imaging, to help them reduce risk and improve yields. Thai Wah is also developing biopower plants that can convert byproducts from its farming and manufacturing activity into usable energy.

Visit AFN to read the full interview with Ho Ren Hua on how Thai Wah is embracing tech in the midst of Covid-19.

Here’s how one of Asia’s biggest ingredients companies is turning to tech