1-1 Meetings

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Maximise your networking potential at the Rethink Agri-Food Innovation Week in Singapore by taking advantage of our 1-1 meetings software.

Pre-arrange meetings with your most important contacts and form new business partnerships at the summit by logging in and viewing the profiles of other key delegates, then get in touch with those that you would like to meet. 1-1 meetings take place throughout the summit at dedicated tables in convenient 20 minute slots.  The Rethink Help Desk team will be on hand to answer any queries and ensure you connect with your target clients. How to use: 1) Log-in using your unique ID (the email you used to register) and your password. This will all be sent to you once the system is launched and your account is activated. Please note, there can be a delay between registering and receiving your log in details. 2) Once you’ve logged in, click on ‘Account’ to update your profile – you can add a headshot or company biography here. 3) Then click on ‘Sessions’ at the top of your screen. Here you can add event sessions to your schedule. This is automatically block your time so your schedule shows as busy. 4) Then click ‘Search’ to view the attendee list. Here you can send messages and schedule meetings. 5) Click ‘Schedule’ to view your schedule online. You can print a copy if you wish. 6) You’ll receive an email every time a meeting is requested, rescheduled or cancelled

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