On 27 October 2022, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) and Pure Harvest Smart Farms, United Arab Emirates (Pure Harvest) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to develop Singapore’s first high-tech hybrid greenhouse tomato farm in Singapore, and to enhance collaboration in protected agriculture such as Research and Development (R&D) exploration, knowledge exchange and capacity building.

The project will leverage on technical, operational, and sustainable farming expertise of Pure Harvest to offer R&D opportunities for local partners, as well as contribute to Singapore’s “30 by 30” food security goal, which is to build the agri-food industry’s capability and capacity to produce 30% of Singapore’s nutritional needs locally and sustainably by 2030.

The MOU was signed by Mr Lim Kok Thai, Chief Executive Officer of SFA, and Mr Sky Kurtz, Chief Executive Officer of Pure Harvest.

The MOU demonstrates the SFA’s and Pure Harvest’s shared commitment in R&D collaboration and knowledge exchange in the cultivation of tomatoes and other fruited vegetables sustainably in Singapore. The project involves the use of advanced controlled environment production systems, leveraging technology and innovation to enable year-round production, even in tropical equatorial climates.

Mr Lim said, “We are pleased to collaborate with Pure Harvest as this allows Singapore to raise the local capabilities and capacity to further our “30 by 30” goal. In addition, the partnership in key areas of R&D creates exciting potential career opportunities. This will support us in our push towards strengthening Singapore’s overall food security in a productive, climate-resilient, and sustainable manner”.

Mr Kurtz said, “The planned hybrid greenhouse project is another critical step in this region’s efforts to safeguard our communities against threats to climate and food security. It is a privilege to take the expertise we have acquired while operating in the harshest climates on earth to Singapore’s market. While the arid deserts of the Arab Gulf and the lush greenery of Southeast Asia may seem a world apart, this region has no less a need for a sustainable means to provide consistent, high-quality, sustainably-farmed fresh produce all year round.

With the added value of R&D and education partnerships, we hope that this project pushes the boundaries of the agri-tech industry, so that we may provide the Singaporean people with the benefits that innovative controlled-environment agriculture solutions can bring.”

Jointly Issued by the Singapore Food Agency and Pure Harvest Smart Farms Ltd – 27 Oct 2022