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Listen in to fascinating discussions with speakers at the summit, from exciting start-up innovators to major global brands. This series of three podcasts covers core topics from the Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Week agenda.

Achieving Food Security for Asia's Growing Cities

Presented in partnership with AgFunder News, the session covers breakthrough technologies in cellbased meats, aquaculture and vertical farming, critical to meeting Singpore's food security target of 30% self-sufficiency in fresh produce and proteins by 2030. We also took the opportunity to ask these entrepreneurs about the start-up community and growing innovation hub in Singapore.

Speakers: Ka Yi Ling, SHIOK MEATS (from 02:45); John Diener, AGRIPROTEIN (from 16:59); Ankesh Shahra, VERTIVEGIES (from 36:37)
Commentary: Jennie Moss, RETHINK EVENTS (from 52:32)

Digital Solutions for Farming in Asia

As pressure mounts on farmers to increase the volume, quality and safety of outputs while using fewer resources, reducing waste and impact on the environment, new digital technologies will be critical to delivering swift, sustainable change in a region still heavily reliant on a manual workforce and traditional farming processes. This edition looks at the opportunities and benefits offered by digital agtech, plus the challenges to overcome for widespread adoption in Asia.

Justin Gong, Co-Founder and Vice President, XAG, China (from 02:20);
Suresh Sunderarajan, President & Group Head – Strategic Investments & Corporate Functions, OLAM INTERNATIONAL, Singapore (from 22:40)
Commentary: Jennie Moss, RETHINK EVENTS (from 44:30)
Host: Graham Brown, CEO, PITCH MEDIA

New Approaches to Sugar and Functional Foods for a Healthier Asia

With the rise of convenience foods and snacking, a new wave of healthy ingredients and products are needed to combat diabetes and obesity in the region. From healthier alternatives to sugar and sugar replacements, fortification of staple foods, to specialty foods that tackle specific health challenges such as senior wellness and cognitive health, the challenge is to create foods that promote health while retaining convenience, flavour, texture and affordability for the Asian consumer.

Anand Sundaresan, Regional Vice President, DSM HUMAN NUTRITION & HEALTH, ASIA PACIFIC, SINGAPORE (from 1:52); Matthew Godfrey, CEO, NUTRITION INNOVATION, SINGAPORE (from 22:32)
Commentary: Jennie Moss, RETHINK EVENTS (from 42:22)
Host: Graham Brown, CEO, PITCH MEDIA

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