International Agri-Food Technology Start-Ups in the Spotlight at Rethink Agri-Food Innovation Week

Investigating the role of technology in building an efficient, resilient and sustainable agri-food supply chain, Rethink Agri-Food Innovation Week will feature 17 agri-food tech start-ups from around the world, presenting innovative solutions at the three-day global summit in Singapore.

The start-ups will pitch their ground-breaking technologies to an influential summit audience of over 250 agri-food business leaders, taking questions from a panel of judges including:

  • Rushdi Razif, Investment Advisor, 500 START-UPS
  • Steve Rhodes, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, THE TRENDLINES GROUP
  • Carsten Krome, CEO, HATCH
  • Rebecca Lian Hwee Peng, Wilmar Distinguished Fellow, WILMAR INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
  • Adam Lyle, Executive Chairman, PADANG & CO
  • Thad Simons, Managing Director, THE YIELD LAB

Further start-ups will be discovered at the TechHub – a dedicated space for early-stage companies within the networking and exhibition area.

Technology Showcase Presenters:

8 Villages (Indonesia) – accelerates the modernisation of villages to empower farmers through technology. Its platform for farmers called LISA can read articles, watch informational videos and ask questions directly to experts.

Alchemy FoodTech (Singapore) – focuses on fighting diabetes through food innovations. Its patent-pending glycemic lowering composition is added to any carbohydrate staple recipes to lower its glycemic index (GI), without changing the food’s colour, taste or texture.

AlgaHealth (Israel) – has a mission to promote the health and well-being of humanity by developing and producing nutrient-rich, natural super-food products, derived from agents found in microalgae. The company established and patented improved processes for the cultivation of unique species and strains of microalgae.

Algal Protein Solutions (Singapore) – is the first company in the world trying to make protein isolated from microalgae as an alternative to other unsustainable animal and plant-based protein. It’s working on heterotrophic cultures of microalgae to produce dry biomass using low cost food waste.

AquiNovo (Israel) – develops novel growth enhancers for farmed fish to meet the ever-growing demand for fish protein. Its non-GMO, non-hormonal, easy-to-use solution accelerates fish growth and thus provides fish farms with a shorter time to market and higher yields. Its first two products target tilapia and salmon, future products that are planned to be developed for additional species.

EscaVox (Australia) – provides unprecedented visibility and data sharing capabilities to participants in food supply chains to optimise processes, verify and market their quality attributes. Its platform automatically collects the most essential data about the product, starting on-farm right through to the end consumer.

Farmers Cut (Germany) – is lifting indoor vertical farming to the next level with its proprietary cultivation technology – Dryponics. The platform has full automation, modularity and full climate control and it consistently grows leafy greens at the highest quality with optimised efficiency.

FruitSpec (Israel) – increases profitability for players in the fruit market with accurate early-season fruit yield estimates. Using patented hyperspectral and computer vision technology, FruitSpec provides customers with the number of fruits they have in the orchard six to seven months before picking, when critical decisions are made.

Nexgen Plants (Australia) – develops plants for future generations and takes care of our food, health and environment by taking care of plants. The company is now developing a next generation of more resilient plants to help farmers and growers to reduce the use of pesticides and cope with changing climatic conditions.

Nutrition Technologies (Malaysia) – is a sustainable protein manufacturer, focusing on the South East Asian market. It’s disrupting the $4bn feed industry by replacing expensive and unsustainable feed ingredients with 100% natural insect protein and oil. It has developed a ground-breaking production system which uses black soldier fly larvae to convert food waste into high grade, sustainable protein and oil for use in the animal and aquafeed industries.

Protenga (Singapore) – develops data-driven insect tech with intensive farming systems to enable sustainable protein production. The company produces high-quality, protein-rich and safe animal nutrition, pet food and organic fertilizer by using a novel, scalable insect-based bioconversion process to recapture nutrients from organic side-streams.

Trellis (Israel) – is a leading provider of an AI powered cloud platform for optimising the food supply chain for global food and beverage manufacturers, growers and retailers. Trellis’ intelligence platform helps food companies to substantially reduce the cost and waste of sourced agriculture produce, optimise supply chain economics and streamline field to market operations.

Umitron (Singapore) – builds user and eco-friendly data platforms in aquaculture to improve farm efficiency and manage the environmental risk of the ocean by using IoT, satellite remote sensing and AI. Umitron provides a small computer on the offshore ocean for feed reduction and insurance serves.

 Verifik8 (Thailand) – checks the socio-environmental farm performance, enabling low cost verification of core information, while fostering improvement of production practice in the aquaculture supply chain. The company is working with PepsiCo & Nestle for sugarcane responsible sourcing in Thailand.

TechHub Exhibitors:

Alpha Brown (Israel) – focuses on agriculture to allow manufacturers, retailers and importers to have a direct relation with growers. It identifies current and future demand; better inventory management; assess the performance of seeds, pest, fertilizers and animal feed to better understand the reputation of their labels and identify unmet technological demands.

FreshPoint (Israel) – is the world leader in the development and production of low-cost visible freshness sensors. The sensors enable unit level, and last mile monitoring of the freshness levels of food products. The sensors change colour to indicate the remaining shelf life which helps to ensure that products are consumed at their freshest point and decrease the amount of unnecessary food waste.

IPM Square (Israel) – allows you to monitor, capture and control Rat activity by sending online notification and alerts for each square unit activity you use. IPM Square is a holistic solution which contains smart traps and a phone App Dashboard which allows managing all units from your office without having to visit the trap personally thus saving time and money from the first moment it is installed.

The Rethink Agri-Food Innovation Week will explore the latest models for technology investment, incubation and commercialisation across the Southeast Asian agri-food supply chain. Three themed agenda days provide extensive networking opportunities throughout the event including a full program of 1-1 meetings, networking breaks, roundtable workshops and social events.

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