The Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit promises not only groundbreaking insights into the world of agri-food innovation but also a delightful culinary journey.

Networking, brainstorming, and innovation can work up an appetite, and we’ve curated a menu with our partners that’s as innovative as the discussions taking place. Take a sneak peek at all the mouthwatering offerings being served during the networking lunch, and coffee breaks. Bon appétit!

Day 1: A Taste of Plant-Based Brilliance

    • ADM Plant-Based Chicken Patties
      Bite into innovation with ADM’s Plant-Based Chicken Patties served in a bun. ADM’s plant-based chicken has been created to meet consumers’ demands for great tasting and nutritious meat-free chicken.
  • Kung Pao Plant-Based Chick’n
     Cremer Sustainable Foods brings its Plant-Based Chick’n, a versatile meat alternative made of soy and wheat gluten, extruded and cut into strips.
  • Chicken Dumplings Soup with Triton Green Algae Noodles

    Triton’s algae-infused dish is a great way to enjoy some high protein noodles – with a pleasant flavour, colour and aroma – often compared with the scents of wheatgrass and dried parsley.

  • Plant-Based Hainanese Chick’n Poke Bowl
    Marinated in the iconic Hainanese Style Chicken Sauce, this plant-based product by Cremer Sustainable Foods is sure to make your mouth water. Be it pan fried, or served chilled, it is an excellent go-to protein alternative that completes your meal.

Day 2: Progress on Plate

  • Just Like Mutton Samosa
    Shaka Harry’s Just Like Mutton Samosa is a delicious twist on a classic favourite made with 100% vegetarian ingredients that’s sure to elevate your coffee break.
  • ADM Plant-Based Chicken Tenders Wrap
    ADM brings back its rendition of the Plant-Based Chicken Tenders Wrap. It’s a refreshing combo of lettuce, tomatoes, and carrot, all wrapped around their trademark nutritious plant-based chicken tenders.
  • Green Rebel Foods’ Beefless Rendang
    The culinary exploration continues with Green Rebel Foods Rendang, made out of shiitake mushrooms deliver a strong nutrition profile with high protein and fiber content.
  • Carefree Pulled Chickless Salad Topping
    soy and sunflower based chicken alternative sets a new standard in clean label goodness. Free from artificial ingredients, additives, preservatives, binders, colourings, flavourings and even MSG.
  • Shaka Harry’s Biryani with a Twist
    Shaka Harry spices up your lunch with their Just Like Mutton Biryani. Replicating its complex flavours and sensory experience, this plant-based goodness positions itself as a healthy-meat alternative without compromising on the taste.
  • Carefree Pulled Chickless Wrap Filling
    Haofood’s clean label plant-based chicken powered by the magic combination of soy protein and sunflower protein. This clean-label product offers balanced nutrition and flavour by leveraging the richness of soy and the unique amino acids found in sunflower.

Day 3: A Culinary Fusion

  • Viet UC’s Shrimp Potato Rolls
    Starting your day with a twist, Viet UC Seafood serves up the Perfect Shrimp Potato Rolls in the morning coffee break. This delightful seafood sensation is 100% traceable from the hatchery to your plate.
  • Green Rebel Foods’ Chick’n Satay
    Green Rebel Foods presents the Chick’n Satay, a meaty, juicy, and lightly marinated with an authentically Indonesian street food taste.
  • Momo Madness
    Shaka Harry brings the momo magic with Just Like Chicken Momo and Just Like Chicken Achari Momo, made with their OG plant-based smart proteins.

That’s not all! Sample indoor-grown microgreens by Growy, plant-based cheddar and mayonnaise by Green Rebel Foods and much more at the summit exhibition. Don’t forget to share your appreciation for these culinary delights with the partners and using hashtag #APACAgriFood on social media!

Join senior agri-food stakeholders in Singapore on October 31 to November 2 to celebrate  agri-food tech advancement in themed sessions, daily start-up pitch sessions and a buzzing exhibition space, all under one roof. Register for your pass now.