Start-Ups Lypid and Connecting Food crowned the winners of the CPF and Cargill Innovation Challenges at the Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit 2021

The CPF Innovation Challenge: Enhancing Texture, Juiciness and Aroma to Create Healthy Plant-Based Meat Alternatives

Winner: Lypid (USA); Finalists: Novameat (Spain) and Audra Labs (Singapore)

The Cargill Innovation Challenge: Digital Solutions to Connect and Enhance the Sustainable Food Production Chain in APAC

Winner: Connecting Food (France); Centaur Analytics (USA) and PEEL Lab (Japan)

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More than 100 entries were received from start-ups around the world, answering CPF’s call for innovative alternative-protein enhancements and Cargill’s search for digital production chain solutions. After an in-depth review and judging process, the teams at CPF and Cargill each selected three finalists to pitch their technologies to their judging panel and the global Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit audience of more than 900 agri-food leaders.

CPF’s winner, Lypid, brings luscious texture, lip-smacking mouthfeel, long-lasting flavour and juiciness to plant based meat. Vegan oils have different textures, melting points, water content, and flavours than animal fats. Lypid is creating a line of fats made from vegan oils that can be tuned to precise textures and melting points.

Cargill’s winner, Connecting Food, harnesses blockchain technology to improve food security, reduce wastage and reinforce consumer trust in our food systems. Connecting Food leverages industry expertise to map food supply chains, improve end-to-end traceability and showcase value chain data via a QR code and WebApp, bringing trust through transparency to consumers.

Revealing the winner of the Innovation Challenge at the Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit in Singapore were judges from CPF and Cargill:

  • Xiuling Guo, Managing Director, Edible Oils, CARGILL, SINGAPORE
  • Francesca Kleemans, Managing Director, Cocoa and Chocolate, CARGILL, SINGAPORE
  • Lalana Thiranusornkij, SVP – Head of Innovation and New Product Development, CPF, THAILAND
  • Peemdej Utsahajit, Assistant Vice President, Development and Coordination of Research Activities, CPF, THAILAND

Commenting on the reasons for the winning choice, Lalana Thiranusornkij, SVP – Head of Innovation & NPD at CPF said: “All three of our finalists are truly amazing, full of passion and energy in addressing the taste and texture of alternative-protein products and this is the most important issue for companies to be able to deliver to their consumers. What was even more difficult was to select the winner! I’m proud to announce the winner being “Lypid”. A start-up that addresses “Fat” which is key to making plant based meats taste like meat! We feel that working with Lypid will speed up our development and improve our existing products to be even healthier and tastier.”

Dr. Colin D’Silva, Vice President, Government Relations, Asia-Pacific at Cargill said “We are impressed by the strong response from highly innovative start-ups to the Cargill Innovation Challenge. We congratulate Connecting Food who have won the Innovation Challenge and look forward to collaborating with them. Cargill’s purpose is to nourish the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way. The blockchain technology developed by Connecting Food will help improve food security, reduce wastage and reinforce consumer trust in our food systems through greater supply chain transparency and end-to-end traceability.”

Ellen McLeay, Senior Conference Producer at The Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit said: “We’ve been blown away by the applications and finalist presentations, showcasing incredible innovation and talent that will help to strengthen the food system in APAC and beyond. Thanks to the CPF and Cargill judging teams for their invaluable time, insights and commitment to supporting start-ups in their growth. Congratulations to the winners – we can’t wait to watch them grow, and hear plenty more from all the finalists in the future.”

Lypid will now benefit from senior leadership coaching with CPF on agreed areas, and the chance to do Proof of Concept and work with CPF’s experienced chefs to co-create menus through its kitchen.

Connecting Food will enjoy direct access to the relevant business teams within Cargill, for support in trialling and piloting their technology.