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Breakout Sessions and Virtual Roundtables


Breakout Sessions

Running alongside the main agenda, delegates are invited to join boardroom-style breakout sessions, each hosted by industry experts. Come prepared for quick presentations, in-depth open discussions, and networking.  

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Establishing a Fully Circular BioEconomy

Date and Time: 14:30-15:10, Wednesday October 26


  • What is the definition of ‘circular bioeconomy’, and what needs to happen to establish it at scale in Asia? What practices and solutions are already having a positive impact, and where are the gaps? Who needs to drive the transition?  
  • As innovation starts at the farm, how are agribusinesses and food brands supporting Asia’s smallholder farmers in developing carbon removal strategies and implementing climate-smart practices? What is the impact on the wider agri-food value chain?  
  • How can we reduce (food and packaging) waste along the supply chain? How advanced are waste valorisation processes, and what is the role of sustainable materials in a circular bioeconomy?   

Hataikan Kamolsirisakul, Chief of Staff, Senior Group Director – Strategy, Sustainability, Innovation, THAI WAH, Thailand
Akamol Klaikherd, AVP – Group Technical Service and Technical Development, THAI WAH, Thailand
Naruemon Srisuma,Vice President & Head of Group R&D, THAI WAH, Thailand

A Critical Discussion on Alternative Proteins: Investigating Market Development & Potential

Date and Time: 15:30-16:10, Wednesday October 26

Buhler Logo


  • What does today’s alternative protein market look like? What is the level of consumer acceptance, and how can the innovation ecosystem address varying needs and preferences across Asia to pave the way for mass market distribution? 
  • What infrastructure developments are taking place along the alternative protein supply chain, and what ecosystem building success stories exist overseas? What can we learn from them?  
  • Taking a closer look at plant-based proteins, where is innovation needed? What challenges do we face, and how can new techniques, ingredients, and technologies help overcome them?  
  • Plant-based, cultivated and fermented proteins are making waves across Asia and the world, but what about insect protein? Are insect proteins a hype, or is there real demand?  
  • How do we keep food equity and access front of mind as we develop protein innovations? Where does nutrition plug into the conversation?  
  • How can academia and industry partnerships support the start-up ecosystem and promote growth in the alternative protein market? What is the role of governments in shaping new foodtech sectors and improving food security in Asia?   

Aparna Venkatesh, Head of Innovation, Southeast Asia & Oceania, BÜHLER GROUP, Singapore
Ana Viljac, myBühler Digital Platform Manager, BÜHLER GROUP, Switzerland

Smallholder Farmers & Technology: A Deep Dive into What Works and What Doesn’t

Date and Time: 16:45-17:25, Wednesday October 26

Following its presentation on digital farming platforms, Pinduoduo presents a panel of experts in smallholder farming and agtech to discuss best practices for promoting agtech adoption and the common pitfalls.

  • We’ve discussed that digital farming platforms can aggregate consumer demand, streamline the agri-food supply chain, and empower the region’s smallholder farmers, but how exactly is this accomplished? What are the steps that have already been taken to achieve these ambitious goals and what’s left to do?
  • How are farmers recruited and trained? What tools and support do they receive?
  • What case studies exist in Asia-Pacific and globally, and what can they tell us about what works and what doesn’t? What are the biggest successes and learnings, and how are they shaping current and future development?

Lesly Goh, Senior Technology Advisor and former CTO, WORLD BANK GROUP, Indonesia
Mark Kahn, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, OMNIVORE, India
Gibran Huzaifah, CEO, EFISHERY, Indonesia 
XinYi Lim, Executive Director Sustainability and Agricultural Impact, PINDUODUO, China

How Do We Build More Sustainable and Resilient Food Systems in Asia?

Date and Time: 10:10-11:40, Thursday October 27

Enterprise Singapore Logo

  • How can we measure sustainability across the agri-foodtech value chain?
  • How do we better foster collaboration between corporates, start-ups, and multipliers to produce agri-food solutions that are both impactful and economically viable?
  • What are the major agri-food supply chain disruptions that we face amidst a challenging global economic and political climate, and what are some of the key agri-food technologies that have emerged to address them?
  • How can Asia develop a more resilient regional food system? What role does the rise of novel food solutions play?

Hsien-Hui Tong, Executive Director of Venture Investing, SGINNOVATE, Singapore
Eugene Toh, Director of AgriTech, ENTERPRISE SINGAPORE, Singapore

Enabling Sustainable Food Production Through Digital Farming

Date and Time: 13:40-14:20, Thursday October 27BASF logo

Hosted by BASF, this deep dive discussion will explore how we can drive sustainable food production in Asia via new processes, solutions, and technologies. The session will explore the challenges of the farming community and innovative approaches for balancing the needs of farmers and the wider agri-food value chain.  

Giridhar Ranuva, Regional Commercial Excellence & Digital Officer, Agricultural Solutions, BASF, Singapore 
Stella Limothy, Regional Digital Lead, Agricultural Solutions, BASF, Singapore

How can Digital Tools Help Smallholder Farmers Improve Production & Livelihoods

Date and Time: 15:00-15:40, Thursday October 27

Globally there are around 475 million smallholder producers and around 80% of them are in Asia (380 million).[1] Together they produce around 80% of the region’s food. Application of digital tools at the smallholder level, that could help improve production and sustainability, has been limited and challenging as digital solutions are not tailored to respond to smallholder farmers’ needs.

This session will discuss using digital tools – ensuring adoption and driving scale – to provide advisory to smallholders, enable reporting on climate impact of these changed practices and verification of results. This would enable the agribusiness sector to reap multiple benefits: lower the environmental impact of agri-production, ensure product quality, and organise financial rewards for participating smallholders via carbon credits. Role of young adults in rural households and the unique needs and experiences of female farmers will be discussed as well.

This discussion will be opened by Samuel Dzotefe, IFC Manager, Manufacturing, Agribusiness & Services, include a presentation by Suresh Sundararajan on Olam’s experience in digitally engaging with farmers, a case study on IFC’s work on digital advisory to farmers in Vietnam (presented by Marta Bogdanic, Senior Operations Officer), and will be followed by a discussion with Lesly Goh, Senior Technology Advisor and former CTO of the World Bank Group.

Samuel Dzotefe, Manager, Manufacturing, Agribusiness & Services, IFC, Singapore
Marta Bogdanic, Senior Operations Officer, MAS Advisory Services, IFC, Singapore
Lesly Goh, Senior Technology Advisor and former CTO, WORLD BANK GROUP, Indonesia
Suresh Sundarajan, CEO, OLAM VENTURES, Singapore

A How-To Guide: Achieving Vertical Farming Success

Date and Time: 16:10-16:50, Thursday October 27

Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) presents an in-depth discussion on achieving long-term success in vertical farming. Come prepared for an interactive session that will dive into the three key pillars that can help ensure long-term viability for a vertical farming business: excellence, economy, and environment.

  • What does produce grown in vertical farming systems look like? Can the characteristics of end products be tailored? Which technologies show the greatest potential in optimising product design? What’s possible today, which milestones do we hope to achieve in the next five years, and where’s the limit?
  • Is vertical farming an economically viable business and food production system? What CapEx and OpEx are involved, and can costs be decreased as the industry scales?
  • What is the environmental impact of vertical farming? From energy and water usage to waste, how can companies address resource efficiency challenges to improve their sustainability credentials?

Caroline Craggs, Head of Operations APAC, INTELLIGENT GROWTH SOLUTIONS (IGS), Singapore
Douglas Elder, Head of Vertical Farming Solutions, INTELLIGENT GROWTH SOLUTIONS (IGS), UK

Protein Security: Risk Assessment, Novel Food Approvals & Future Growth

Date and Time: 12:40-13:20, Friday October 28

  • What does the alternative protein regulatory landscape look like in Asia? How does it compare to other countries and regions?
  • What are the challenges and concerns voiced by regulators and food brands across the world? Who is leading this space, and what lessons have been learned?
  • How can we drive innovation in alternative protein risk/benefit evaluations, and introduce efficient, standardised food safety frameworks? How can proprietary information and IP be better protected throughout this process?
  • What labelling questions have arisen? How are policymakers regulating alternative protein label claims?
  • What would be the impact of a clear route to market on alternative protein capacity and scale-up? What milestones do we see the industry achieving by 2030?

Yuet Ming Tham, Global Co-Chair: White Collar, Govt Litigation & Investigations, Life Sciences Partner, SIDLEY AUSTIN, Hong Kong
Benjamin Smith, Director, FUTURE READY FOOD SAFETY HUB (FRESH), Singapore
Peter Quigley, Deputy Director of Regulatory Services, FOOD STANDARDS AGENCY (FSA), UK
Didier Toubia, Co-Founder and CEO, ALEPH FARMS, Israel


Developing a Winning Leadership Team and Board

Date and Time: 13:40-14:20, Friday October 28



It is not news to today’s leaders that the right talent is becoming an increasingly precious commodity. As a global leadership advisory firm, Egon Zehnder has worked across the value chain within AgroFoodTech companies of all sizes, helping them understand what type of talent is needed and at what stage of the company evolution.

We believe that there’s a strong link between each stage a high-growth company enters and the kinds of talent it should be searching for. During our time together, we will share how founders and leaders can anticipate those needs to hire ahead of their own growth curves. We’ll discuss these needs both at the board and executive leadership level, giving insights into our own competency and potential models as a way to predict future performance.

Alejandro Folmer, Consultant and Global AgroFood Segment Leader, EGON ZEHNDER, USA
Nicole Tee, Consultant and Leadership Advisor, EGON ZEHNDER, Singapore
Kevin Lai, Co-Leader, Consultant and Leadership Advisor, EGON ZEHNDER, Singapore

From Innovation to Reality: Unlocking the Promise of Precision Fermentation through Scale-up in Asia

Date and Time: 14:50-15:30, Friday October 28




This session will discuss the specific challenges faced by precision fermentation companies looking to bring their production to the next level in Asia. It will introduce a new company, ScaleUp Bio, backed by ADM and Nurasa (formerly Asia Sustainable Foods Platform), which will open two facilities in 2023 to guide companies in their journey to bring their innovative solutions to market.

  • What are the biggest obstacles faced by new precision fermentation start-ups today, and what are the necessary steps they need to take to overcome them?
  • How can we better enable innovation and commercialisation today, to pave the way for better food and ingredients tomorrow?
  • What role can industry partners play in supporting this manufacturing revolution, and where do the opportunities lie?

Francisco (Paco) Codoñer, CEO, SCALEUP BIO, Singapore

Lunch and Brunch Briefings

Focused and dedicated briefing sessions exclusively organised by industry experts to explore the innovation landscape in Asia and how Asia’s entrepreneurs can seize opportunities offered by the North American market.

Lunch Briefing // From the Ground Up: Growing Asia’s Start-Up Ecosystem  

Date and Time: 13:05-14:05, Wednesday October 26

  • With agtech playing a key role in supporting Asia’s smallholder farmers and strengthening the agri-food supply chain: how can we accelerate the pace of technology innovation and commercialisation?
  • What are the pain points for agri-food innovators, and what support do they need from governments, investors, and corporates to scale their solutions, bring down costs, and address farmer and business challenges?
  • How can the public and private sector work together to create a launchpad and incubator for start-ups and accelerate agri-food innovation across Asia-Pacific?

Lesly Goh, Senior Technology Advisor and former CTO, WORLD BANK GROUP, Indonesia
Wai Fong Boh, Co-Director, Singapore Agri-Food Innovation Lab, NTU, Singapore
Zing Yang, Digital Product Lead, CARGILL, Singapore

Lunch Briefing // AgTech in India: Investment Report 2022  

Date and Time: 13:00-13:15, Thursday October 27

ThinkAg, an Agri-Food fin-tech platform working towards accelerating innovation and improving outcomes in Indian Food and Agriculture, will present their annual Report on Innovation and Investment in India’s AgTech Ecosystem. Expect to hear about: the prevailing investment scenario, innovation trends afoot, Indian farmer perspectives on AgTech and a directional outlook for India’s burgeoning AgTech sector.
Download the AgTech Investment Report here.
Ritu VermaDirector/Co-FounderANKUR CAPITAL/THINKAG, India

Brunch Briefing // Building New Partnerships with Canada’s Agrifood Innovation Powerhouse  

Date and Time: 11:25-12:25, Friday October 28

Based in Saskatchewan, Canada, the Global Institute for Food Security (GIFS) is a partnership between global fertiliser supplier Nutrien, the Government of Saskatchewan, and the University of Saskatchewan (USask). With a mission to work with partners to discover, develop, and deliver innovative solutions for the production of globally sustainable food, GIFS connects diverse partners in this rich ecosystem, advancing innovation and agtech to improve agriculture production in an environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable way.

In this session, GIFS’ CEO Dr. Steven Webb will highlight the opportunity for Asian companies to leverage Canadian products and innovation, for addressing the pressing need for nutritious and sustainable food. He will discuss:

  • Opportunities to collaborate with one of the largest and most productive agriculture regions in the world to produce innovative food products for Asian consumers
  • Why innovative Asia-based food start-ups should look to the North American market to scale their business and how GIFS and its partners can support them
  • The potential for Asian countries to collaborate with GIFS to address their food security needs, highlighting GIFS existing partnership with the Government of Bangladesh

Steven Webb, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, GLOBAL INSTITUTE FOR FOOD SECURITY, Canada

Virtual Roundtables

Industry experts will host virtual roundtables to provide our global virtual delegates with the opportunity to dig deeper into focused topics.

Wednesday, October 26

  • Venture Science: Disrupting how Start-Ups are Funded, Commercialised & Managed
    Host: Katherine Wynn, Lead Economist, CSIRO FUTURES, Australia
  • Real Solutions, for Real Food
    Host: Harikrishna Kulaveerasingam, Chief Research & Development Officer, SIME DARBY PLANTATION, Malaysia
  • East to West: How can Agri-Food Start-Ups Successfully Expand from Asia to Europe
    Hosts: Tracy Saw, Development Partner, FoodInnovate & Resilience, ENTERPRISE SINGAPORE, Singapore
    Menno Van Dijk, Founder, SCALEUP NATION, Netherlands

Thursday, October 27

  • Urban Agtech: Exploring the Role of Policymakers
    Host: Benedict Macon-Cooney, Deputy Executive Director, TONY BLAIR INSTITUTE FOR GLOBAL CHANGE, UK
  • Exploring New Innovation Pathways in Company Creation
    Host: Maren Strachan, National Innovation Facilitator, CSIRO, Australia

Friday, October 28

  • Transformation in China’s Food System: Strategies, Opportunities & Outlook
    Hosts: Jennifer Lee, Executive Director, U.S. CHINA AGRICULTURE AND FOOD PARTNERSHIP (AFP); Co-founder, AGFOOD FUTURE INITIATIVE, China
  • How is the Plant-Based Gold Rush Impacting Product Design & Market Growth?
    Host: Olivier Dréan, Asia Pacific Director, CLEXTRAL, Indonesia
  • Addressing Food Safety Challenges for Alternative Protein Products
    Hosts: Robin Philp, Academia & Collaborations Manager, South East Asia, AGILENT, Malaysia
    Upendra Khurana, Market Development Manager, South Asia Pacific, AGILENT, Singapore
  • How to Improve the Nutritional Value of Highly Processed Alternative Meats?
    Host: Xun Wang, Chairman, President & CEO, TRITON ALGAE INNOVATIONS, USA

View the agenda to see where these breakout sessions  and virtual roundtables fall as part of the main programme.


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