Breakfast Briefing 7.30-8.45

Roundtable Discussions Addressing Emerging Trends in Asian Aquaculture

Hatch Aquaculture AcceleratorJoin fellow aquaculture industry leaders, investors and entrepreneurs for a networking breakfast with an introductory panel debate followed by roundtable discussions delving deeper into the core challenges and opportunities for building a more sustainable, efficient and ethical aquaculture industry in Asia.

Host: Georg Baunach, Managing Partner & Co-Founder, HATCH, Singapore

John Diener, Chief Operating Officer, AGRIPROTEIN, Singapore
Discussion Topic: Advancing the Adoption of Next-Generation Aqua-Feed Ingredients

Liris Maduningtyas, CEO, JALA, Indonesia
Discussion Topic: Driving Shrimp Industry Digitalization through B2B and B2B2C Partnerships

Laurent Genet, Chief Strategy Officer, NUTRECO, Netherlands
Discussion Topic: Building Sustainable Service-Based Revenue Models for Aqua Nutrition and Health

Benedict Standen, Product Manager – Aquaculture, BIOMIN, Austria
Discussion Topic: Identifying Growth Opportunities for Functional Feeds in Asia


7.15am Arrivals, Registration and Breakfast
7.45am Opening Remarks from the Briefing Host
7.50am Panel Discussion
8.05am Roundtable Discussions
8.40am Closing Remarks