As climate change increasingly impacts the stability of food production and distribution, what strategies and solutions have the greatest potential to build the resilience of today’s agri-food system?

We spoke to senior executives from IRRI, ADM and Ankur Capital to get their perspective. Meet them all under one roof at the Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit taking place this October in Singapore.

Joseph Taets, SVP & President of APAC, ADM

Joseph Taets is Senior Vice President and President, Asia Pacific for ADM. We asked Joseph:

What does food security at the intersection of agriculture, water and climate mean to you? What steps are ADM taking to adapt to the impacts of climate change already present in many parts of the world? Is there a unique approach for Asia?

“For ADM, food security is critical to provide the needed nutrition to billions. Our global scale places us in a unique position in the agricultural and food value chain to lead, influence and support the production of more sustainable solutions as part of our environmental stewardship. We have also set ambitious sustainability targets for ourselves as an organisation and are committed to advancing on key levers to improve food security across Asia-Pacific.”

Hear more from Joseph as he joins the opening panel on the Agri-Tech Agenda: “Building Resilience: Food Security at the Intersection of Agriculture, Water and Climate”.

Inez Slamet-Loedin is the head of Rice Genetic Design and Validation unit at IRRI, and is assigned as the global lead of CGIAR gene editing initiative. Her research portfolio includes improving nutrition through healthier rice, disease resistance, drought, low phosphorus tolerance, and rice productivity.

We spoke to her about the role of biotechnology in achieving food security. Watch the video now:

Finally, we spoke to Ritu Verma, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Ankur Capital, the early-stage venture capital firm investing in digital and deep science technologies to create impact. We asked her:

Ritu Verma, Managing Partner, Ankur Capital
Ritu Verma, Managing Partner, Ankur Capital

What do you see being the future for biotechnology in agri-food, and it’s impact on food security? How should investors be looking at this area of innovation?

“We relied on the green revolution to create much of what we eat today. We need a climate agriculture revolution and that once again calls for science to help with crops and the soil. We need climate smart crops, that can provide us the food security without destroying the land. We need to rejuvenate the soil, we need crops that use less water, we need crops that can tolerate the swings we are seeing in the weather. Over the past years we have learnt a lot about nature. We are leveraging computational techniques and biology to design next gen inputs. Prices for DNA sequencing have dropped, tools such as crispr allow us to make modifications, we are starting to learn about microbiomes. These insights need to now deploy at scale. I believe the next decade will be that of biotechnology addressing both food security and climate challenges.”

Inez and Ritu will join a fireside, “The Role of Biotechnology in Achieving Food Security”. See the Agri-Tech Agenda for more details.