Thursday November 29 Agenda

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Thursday November 29: Nutrition, Health, Protein and the Future of Food Morning

Welcome Remarks

Jennie Moss, Founder & Managing Director, RETHINK EVENTS, UK

How Singapore is Building a Unique Innovation Ecosystem to Tackle the Challenges of Food and Nutrition in Asia - And the Role of Venture Capital

Kenneth Lee, Senior Partner, NEW PROTEIN CAPITAL, Singapore
Ralph Graichen, Director, Food Nutrition & Consumer Care Cluster, A*STAR, Singapore

Southeast Asia and the New Food Revolution

Josh Tetrick, CEO, JUST, USA

Ingredient Innovation for Nutrition and Health Targeted at Consumers in Southeast Asia
  • How does the culturally embedded concept of food as medicine influence market opportunities in Southeast Asia for companies making innovative ingredients?
  • What innovation is taking place to develop ingredients that make foods healthier, while still being convenient, delicious and affordable for a Southeast Asian consumer?
  • Given the rising prevalence of diabetes, obesity and age-related disorders in Southeast Asia, what ingredient innovation is taking place to promote healthy ageing and reduce sugar consumption while retaining desirable taste and texture?

Session Chair:
Nardev Ramanathan, Ph.D., Analyst, LUX RESEARCH, Singapore

Christiani Jeyakumar Henry, Director, CLINICAL NUTRITION RESEARCH CENTRE, Singapore
Yen Ling Low, Site Director, ABBOTT, Singapore
Reshmi Rajendran, Director, Precision Nutrition D-Lab, DANONE NUTRICIA, Singapore
Thomas Teh, Nutrition Scientist, TATE & LYLE, Singapore

Case Study: Innovations in Flavour to Deliver Healthier Foods that are Delicious / Desirable to the Southeast Asian Consumer

Tawat Suthasineenont, Deputy General Manager Technology & Development, Global Innovation, THAI UNION GROUP, Thailand

Networking Coffee Break
Meeting Demand for Plant-Based Proteins: Which Products are Set to Soar?
  • What are the market opportunities for plant-based alternatives to animal products in Southeast Asia as demand for meat and milk grows?
  • How do plant proteins compare nutritionally with animal proteins’ nutritional efficiency and completeness, and what innovation is taking place to make them more compelling alternatives?
  • How can these novel protein sources be produced in a scalable way and fit in existing value chains, so that they can compete with more ‘traditional’ protein sources?

Session Chair:
Michal Klar, Plant-Based Angel Investor, Singapore

Tony Payne, Technical Director, Southeast Asia, ADM, Singapore
Anthony Tiarks, Chairman & CEO, PARABEL, USA
Julie Mann, Global Plant Protein Manager, INGREDION, USA
Rebecca Lian Hwee Peng, Wilmar Distinguished Fellow, WILMAR INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, Singapore
Josh Tetrick, CEO, JUST, USA

Technology Showcase

Four selected start-ups present their food technology solutions in seven-minute pitches to a panel of investors and the summit audience.

Investor Sharks:
Rebecca Lian Hwee Peng, Wilmar Distinguished Fellow, WILMAR INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, Singapore

Presenting companies:
Alan Phua, Co-Founder, ALCHEMY FOODTECH, Singapore
Oran Ayalon, CEO, ALGAHEALTH, Israel
Darryl Lyons, Co-Founder, ESCAVOX, Australia

Networking Lunch

Thursday November 29: Nutrition, Health, Protein and the Future of Food Afternoon

New Models for Corporate Innovation and Venturing in Food-Tech in Southeast Asia
  • How are the world’s leading food brands targeting consumers in Southeast Asia?
  • How are changing consumer preferences shaping both internal R&D strategies and external partnerships and investments?
  • What does a successful open innovation strategy look like, and what is the best model for collaboration between food brands and start-ups?
  • What is the vision for the future agri-food supply chain in the region and what will it take us to get there?

Session Chair:
Ping Chew, Managing Director, Regional Head of Food & Agribusiness Research & Advisory, Asia, RABOBANK, Singapore

Vorapat (Ben) Chavananikul, Director and Managing Director, SINGHA VENTURES, Thailand
George Graham, VP, Mars Advanced Research Institute, MARS, Singapore
Poomipat Denworalak, Investment Division Manager, Boon Rawd Brewery, SINGHA VENTURES, Thailand
Andy Kusumo, Director of Science and Technology, MONDE NISSIN, Singapore

Clean/Cultured Animal Products: What Partnerships and Collaborations are Needed to Bring this Industry to Scale?
  • With the “Clean Meat” sector growing rapidly, and larger players entering the space, what are the latest technology breakthroughs and how soon can we expect this industry to scale?
  • What are the potential market opportunities for lab-grown meat, fish and seafood in Southeast Asia, particularly in urban environments? Are there any foreseeable barriers to customer acceptance and how can these be overcome?
  • What investment is needed to scale up the production of these products to help bring them to the market and make them widely affordable?

Session Chair:
Alex Kopelyan, Programme Director & Partner, INDIEBIO, USA

Lou Cooperhouse, President & CEO, BLUENALU, USA
Sandhya Sriram, CEO & Co-Founder, SHIOK MEATS, Singapore
Elaine Siu, Managing Director, China, THE GOOD FOOD INSTITUTE, USA

Networking Coffee Break
How Could New Distribution and E-Commerce Models Fast-Track Adoption of Innovative Foods and Ingredients by Consumers in Southeast Asia?
  • How can the growth of online grocery and food delivery services in Asia fast-track adoption of innovative foods and ingredients?
  • What patterns have we seen in China and India, and to what extent are these likely to be replicated across Asia as a whole?
  • What opportunities does Southeast Asia present for international food-tech startups to gain traction before expanding globally?

Session Chair:
Gary Scattergood, Editor in Chief, FOOD NAVIGATOR, Singapore

Hian Goh, Founding Partner, OPENSPACE VENTURES, Singapore
Tomaso Rodriguez, VP, Head of GrabFood, GRAB, Singapore
Abhinay Choudhari, Co-Founder, BIG BASKET, India
Sam Strang Steel, Associate Director of Fresh Categories, REDMART, Singapore

Case Study: New Technologies to Reduce Food Waste and Loss
  • What new technologies are helping to overcome the major pain points for food waste and loss in the food supply chain in Southeast Asia?
  • How are leading food processors converting waste and biproducts into resources such biofuels, fertilisers and animal feed?
  • What is the business case for reducing food waste and loss? What are the incentives for farmers and companies, and how can new solutions be made cost-effective?

Klanarong Sriroth, Director, MITRPHOL SUGAR CO. LTD., Thailand

From Start-Up to Scale-Up: Creating a Culture of Collaboration
  • What collaboration is already occurring in the food-tech landscape in Southeast Asia to push innovative products onto the market?
  • How are food manufacturers and retailers further looking to collaborate with start-ups and how can this be facilitated?
  • What lessons can be learned from successful food-tech incubators and accelerators, locally and globally, in scaling practices up?

Session Chair:
Matt Kovac, Executive Director, FOOD INDUSTRY ASIA, Singapore

Bonnie Susilo, CEO, FOODLAB INDONESIA, Indonesia
Christine Pitt, Founder & CEO, FOOD FUTURES COMPANY, Director, ROCKET SEEDER, Australia
Amir Zaidman, Co-Founder, THE KITCHEN, Israel
Kulika Chomvong, Researcher Scientist, BIOTEC & Co-Founder, SUGARLOGIX, Thailand

Summit Concludes

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