Friday November 22 Agenda

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Friday November 22 Morning

China Breakfast Briefing

Hosted by:

  • What is unique about the food innovation landscape in China?
  • What are the greatest challenges in the agri-food supply chain and where is the greatest need for innovation and technology?
  • Where are the most exciting food-tech investment and partnership opportunities in China and how can companies access this market?
  • How is innovation emerging from China set to impact the food system across Asia?
Keynote Address: The Changing Food Landscape in the Age of Alibaba
  • With urbanisation and internet penetration rapidly rising, particularly in countries like China, how we live, work and eat is drastically changing. How is Alibaba leading this latest digital revolution and how is this disrupting the food landscape in Asia?
  • In busy modern life, how is the drive for convenience and prepared food changing the way people consume food, and what they consume? What new challenges and opportunities does this open up in the industry?
  • What is the future of on-line and on-demand delivery?
  • What can we expect as internet penetration deepens and how will food distribution networks need to adapt?
Corporate Innovation: Creating a Culture Open to Entrepreneurial Thinking and Collaboration
  • How are the leading food companies in Asia and start-ups working together to deliver new solutions to challenges in the food system, and unlock growth?
  • What approaches have been successful in best utilizing complementary strengths to drive innovation forward?
  • What are the main obstacles that big brands and start-ups encounter in Asia when working with each other? How we can overcome these?
  • What are the best routes to creating a culture of innovation and how can innovation be integrated into the core business of CPGs? What models have been successful in Asia?
  • As the birthplace of many start-ups in Asia and the house of new research expertise, what value can academic institutions bring to the leading food companies in Asia? What new models for collaboration are emerging?
Start-Up Pitching Session

Four early-stage companies pitch their nutrition-focused solutions to our audience, each followed by a Q&A with our panel of Shark Investors.

Networking Break: Meet the Start-Ups

An opportunity to connect with Asia’s most exciting agri-food start-ups in the TechHub exhibition

Nutrition for Everyone: Targeting Malnutrition through Fortification
  • To address widespread malnutrition-related issues like stunting across Asia, how do we increase the nutritional profile of staple foods, while keeping them affordable? What are the key challenges that need to be overcome in doing this? What new products are emerging?
  • How are next-generation fortification methods improving micronutrient absorption?
  • What are the opportunities for fortification to be built into crops via gene editing modification? What is needed to overcome regulatory bottlenecks?
  • Where are the partnership and investment opportunities to accelerate the development, scaling and adoption of new technologies and products to meet the base nutritional needs of Asia’s population?
Food as Medicine: Delivering Functional Foods for Healthy Development and Ageing
  • How is our growing understanding of the relationship between nutrition and health, and how the gut microbiota changes with age, opening new food-tech opportunities? What innovation is emerging to deliver tailored functional ingredients and products to transform gut health, optimise infant development, and promote senior wellness and cognitive health
  • What approach is right for the Asian market? How can culturally embedded processes such as fermentation be utilised to develop Asian-friendly products? How can we address challenges of lactose intolerance? Where are the key gaps?
  • How can food-tech innovation drive a move away from the established paradigm of pharmaceutical and health insurance, and move towards a more preventative approach?
Networking Lunch

Friday November 22 Afternoon

Preventing Diabetes through Sugar Replacement, Processing and Reduction Technologies
  • With metabolic disease from increasingly high-sugar, carb-led diets spreading across Asia, and sugar taxes sweeping the region, what innovation is taking place to create better sugars, next-generation alternatives and new formulations?
  • What approaches are successfully addressing the bulking challenge in sugar replacement? What opportunities exist for fibre to not only add bulk but also functionality?
  • What innovation is emerging in the flavour space to deliver delicious low-sugar products?
  • What is needed for industry transformation and the widespread adoption of sugar alternatives – what’s holding it back? How can we achieve scale and reduce costs? What is the role of food brands in driving innovation forwards, and where are the opportunities for partnerships to create a coherent strategy across Asia?
Presentation: Transforming Agricultural Bioproducts into Functional Fibre Ingredients
Investor Insights: Mapping Future Food-Tech Opportunities in Asia
  • What areas of the food-tech landscape are most exciting to today’s most active VCs and strategic investors? Which will produce the next unicorn?
  • What innovative models are emerging for VCs and corporates to invest in food-tech start-ups for the Southeast Asia, Chinese and Indian markets? Which show greatest success?
  • What lessons can be learnt from food-tech investment internationally? What approach is need in Asia? What’s unique about the challenges and opportunities?
  • What approaches have been successful in de-risking investments and scaling successfully? Where are the opportunities for partnerships to deliver the expertise and resources needed by food-tech entrepreneurs?
End of Summit

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