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Wednesday November 28: Indoor Agriculture and Sustainable Aquaculture Morning

Breakfast Briefing: Australia’s AgriFood 4.0 Future - Invitation Only

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A lively breakfast discussion to discover how CSIRO and its partners are striving to shape the future today. Hear from leading scientists on the latest breakthroughs in indoor farming, alternative proteins and precision agriculture and from global investors on what’s getting attention and funding.

Welcome Remarks

Jennie Moss, Founder & Managing Director, RETHINK EVENTS, UK

Keynote: A Vision for the Future of Cities Feeding Cities
  • A new urban agricultural landscape is needed for land-scarce cities to feed fresh, nutritious produce to their increasingly affluent and growing populations. How is this landscape emerging in Southeast Asia and what challenges remain?
  • How does the food supply chain need to adapt to efficiently incorporate these new farming methods?
  • How do city planners and architects need to adapt to integrate the potential for urban farming into their designs?

Lee Kim Tan, Deputy CEO, Corporate & Technology, Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA), Singapore

Finding the Right Business Models for Urban Farming
  • How are advances in plant science, nutrients, lighting and automation enabling urban farmers to create commercially viable, profitable, scalable businesses in this space?
  • What types of crops are currently being grown vertically, and what does the future hold?
  • What are the specific challenges facing urban farming operations in Southeast Asian cities?

Session Chair:
Siang Hee Tan, Executive Director, CROPLIFE ASIA, Singapore

Erez Galonska, Co-Founder & CEO, INFARM, Germany
Benjamin Swan, Co-Founder and CEO, SUSTENIR AGRICULTURE, Singapore
Peter Barber, Co-Owner & CEO, COMCROP, Singapore
David Vosburg, CFO & SVP Strategy, CROP ONE HOLDINGS, USA

Plant Science: Optimising Traits to Indoor Systems
  • What are the latest approaches in plant science to optimising yield, nutritional value, and taste in vertical, controlled-environment agriculture?
  • What innovation is taking place to allow new crops to be grown in CEA environments?
  • How can partnerships and investment speed up the development of indoor-adapted crops?

John Reich, Scientific Programme Director, FOUNDATION FOR FOOD & AGRICULTURE RESEARCH (FFAR), USA
Chew Fook Tim, Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE (NUS), Singapore

Networking Coffee Break
Lighting, Automation and Climate Control in Indoor Agriculture
  • What are the latest innovations occurring in lighting, robotics and climate control to improve the quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of indoor farming?
  • What models have been successful in the adoption and coordination of these technologies?
  • What investment and innovation are required to make these new technologies more widely accessible to and adopted by indoor growers?

Session Chair:
Eri Hayashi, Director, International Relations & Consulting, JAPAN PLANT FACTORY ASSOCIATION (JPFA), Japan

Thera Rohling, Strategic Business Developer, PRIVA, Netherlands
Katashi Kai, General Manager, Agribusiness Department, SHIN-NIPPOU 808FACTORY, Japan
Veera Sekaran, Founder & Managing Director, GREENOLOGY, Founder & Director, VERTIVEGIES, Singapore
Wei FANG,, Professor & Director, Center of Excellence for Controlled Environment Agriculture, NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY, Taiwan

Investor Debate
  • In what ways might vertical farming require different kinds of investment compared to other kinds of agtech, given that it is very infrastructural in nature?
  • Can vertical/controlled environment agriculture scale at a rate that’s attractive to VCs?
  • With all the buzz around this industry currently, what do investors predict for the next five years?

Session Chair:
Joseph Zhou, Investment Partner, BITS X BITES, China

Andrew Lai, Accelerator Director, SPROUT X, Australia
Ankesh Shahra, Founder & Managing Director, AGRIMAX VENTURES, Singapore
David Gowdey, Managing Partner, JUNGLE VENTURES, Singapore

Networking Lunch Break

Wednesday November 28: Indoor Agriculture and Sustainable Aquaculture Afternoon

Transforming Efficiency, Quality and Safety in Aquaculture
  • What are the most pertinent pain points in Southeast Asia’s aquaculture industry that innovators should be looking to address?
  • How can digital technologies, such as IoT, transform the efficiency of aquaculture in Southeast Asia? What are the challenges in the uptake of these technologies?
  • How can the industry drive innovation forward? What is the role of accelerators and investors in facilitating this?

Session Chair:
Amy Novogratz, CEO, AQUA-SPARK, Netherlands

Joep Klein Staarman, Co-Founder & CEO, BARRAMUNDI ASIA, Singapore
Valerie Robitaille, CEO, XPERTSEA, Canada
Benjamin Allinder, Senior Product/Design Coach, Cargill Digital LabsCARGILL, USA

Technology Showcase

Four selected start-ups present their indoor agtech solutions in seven-minute pitches to a panel of investors and the summit audience.

Shark Panel:
Steve Rhodes, Chairman, TRENDLINES GROUP, Israel
Carsten Krome, CEO, HATCH, Norway

Presenting Companies:
Mark Korzilius, CEO, FARMERS CUT, Germany
Nissem Chen, Founder & CEO, AQUINOVO, Israel
Nick Piggott, CEO and Co-Founder, NUTRITION TECHNOLOGIES, Malaysia
Masahiko Yamada, Co-Founder & Managing Director, UMITRON, Singapore
Leo Wein, Co-Founder & Director, PROTENGA, Singapore

Networking Coffee Break
The Role of Alternative Proteins in Building a Healthy, Sustainable Aquaculture Industry
  • What innovation is currently taking place to create alternative, more sustainable proteins for fish feeds?
  • What farming methods and business models are showing greatest success, and what is needed to help make these a competitive as well as a sustainable alternative to fishmeal?
  • What investment and collaboration are needed to speed up the widespread adoption of these alternative fish feeds by the Southeast Asian aquaculture industry?

Session Chair:
Carsten Krome, CEO, HATCH, Norway

Alan Shaw, President & CEO, CALYSTA, USA
Erwin Suwendi, Head of Nutrition a7 nd Feed Technology, Aquaculture Division, JAPFA, Indonesia
Laurent Genet, Corporate Strategy Development Director, NUTRECO, Netherlands
Benjamin Armenjon, CCO, YNSECT, France
Jan Vanbrabank, CEO, ERBER GROUP, and Managing Director, BIOMIN, Singapore

Roundtable Discussion Groups

Delegates break into themed roundtable groups, each hosted by a speaker, enabling more in-depth discussion of the issues raised during the conference panels.

  • AgTech Adoption in Southeast Asia: What are the primary obstacles to technology uptake by farmers and how can we overcome these?

    Host: Rob Hulme, Head of Asia, BEANSTALK AGTECH, Singapore
  • Partnership models to improve smallholder farmer access to mobile technology: Addressing handset affordability and mobile tech literacy and providing compelling use cases for the farmer

    Host: Amol Jadhav, Director of Market Engagements for mAgri, GSMA, UK
  • Risk Assessment in the Agri-Food Supply Chain: How can organisations effectively measure, manage and mitigate emerging risks, from environmental to climate change to food safety?

    Host: Jagdish Parihar, Managing Director & Chief Risk & Compliance Officer,OLAM INTERNATIONAL, Singapore
  • Will Blockchain Fix the Agri-Food Industry’s Trust Problem?

    Host: Joseph Zhou, Investment Partner, BITS X BITES, China
  • Applying Lessons from the India Innovation and Investment Ecosystem to Southeast Asia

    Host: Mark Kahn, Founding Partner, OMNIVORE, India
  • Opportunities for Collaboration and Partnership with the UK Agri-Food Technology Sector

    Host: Gerry Moran, Deputy Head of Investment – Agri-Tech, DEPARTMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL TRADE, UK
  • Brainstorming Approaches for Scaling Vertical Farming in Southeast Asia

    Host: David Vosburg, CFO & SVP Strategy, CROP ONE HOLDINGS, USA
  • Beyond Leafy Greens: What will be the next successful products cultivated indoors, and how do we get there?

    Hosts: John Reich, Scientific Program Director, FOUNDATION FOR FOOD AND AGRICULTURE RESEARCH (FFAR) / Eri Hayashi, Director, International Relations & Consulting, JAPAN PLANT FACTORY ASSOCIATION (JPFA), Japan, USA
  • The Future for Technology-Driven Aquaculture: How could artificial intelligence, big data, precision nutrition and disease management transform aquaculture in Southeast Asia?

    Host: Ms Amornrat Boonchuay, Vice President, BLUE AQUA, Singapore
  • Accelerating Consumer Transition Towards Plant-Based Proteins and Clean Meat: How can product desirability be increased in terms of taste, texture, affordability and perceived safety for the Southeast Asian market?

    Host: George Jacobs, President, VEGETARIAN SOCIETY OF SINGAPORE, Singapore
  • Scaling Cell-Based Meats, Poultry and Seafood: Creating partnerships that result in efficient, timely and least-cost production

    Host: Lou Cooperhouse, CEO, BLUE NALU, USA
  • Accelerating the Agri-Food Tech Start-Up Ecosystem in Singapore: What will accelerators and incubators need to do to successfully support ag- and food-tech start-ups and scale-ups in this region?

    Host: Christine Pitt, Founder & CEO, FOOD FUTURES COMPANY, Director, ROCKET SEEDER, Australia
Networking Drinks Reception

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