Wednesday November 20 Agenda

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Wednesday November 20 Morning

Opening Remarks
Keynote Address: Why Agri-Food Tech Innovation is Vital to a Food-Secure, Healthy and Sustainable Future for Asia
Keynote Address: Building Singapore as a Global Agri-Food Innovation Hub
Opening Plenary: Accelerating Innovation and Investment in Asia’s Agri-Food Supply Chain
  • What are the key challenges facing today’s agri-food systems in Southeast Asia, China and India? Where is innovation most needed?
  • How can technology move us towards a new paradigm with increased yield, sustainability, accessibility and nutritional value of food, and where are the greatest opportunities for maximum impact?
  • What are the key barriers to technology adoption in Asia, and what unique approaches are required?
  • What is the current state of the innovation landscape in Asia? What exciting initiatives have emerged, and what is required to foster this ecosystem and drive it forward?
  • How does innovation translate from West to East? What business models are showing success? What partnerships and investment are needed to adapt international innovation to Asia and scale successfully? How can international and local players collaborate?
Networking Break
Enabling Precision Agriculture through Remote Sensing and AI Innovation
  • How can data best be utilised as an actionable real-time resource for people in the field?
  • What are the latest innovations in remote sensing, data collection and AI analysis, and how can these be utilised for a more predictive, informed and precise approach to agriculture in Southeast Asia? What challenges need to be overcome to deliver maximum success?
  • As major technology players such as Microsoft and Google enter the agriculture space, how are they changing the paradigms of what can be achieved?
  • How can existing AI and machine learning platforms be adapted to Southeast Asian crops? What translation is needed? How can partnerships and investment accelerate this process?
Digital Platforms: Empowering Farmers through Affordable, Accessible AgTech
  • How can we create a digital platform that delivers value to farmers in Asia? From advice on inputs, to pricing updates and direct connections to buyers – what is useful to today’s farmers, and how can this be delivered in an affordable, accessible way?
  • What is the role of telecoms companies in increasing farmer connectivity?
  • How can we connect smallholders to finance? What new financing models are emerging to overcome the key barriers faced by smallholders? Where are the fintech opportunities?
Lunch Break

Wednesday November 20 Afternoon

Deep Dive Presentations: Harnessing Plant Science to Optimise Crops for Nutrition, Climate Resilience, and Efficiency
  • How do we breed crops to increase yield, build resistance to pests and disease, improve nutritional content, and increase adaptability to mechanisation? How is AI transforming the precision of the breeding process? What unique approaches are required in Southeast Asia?
  • How can we work with smallholders to increase the adoption of new varieties of seeds and more effective, more sustainable crop protection productions? What business models best enable technology adoption?
  • How is the regulatory space for gene-edited and GMO crops emerging in Asia? Where are the opportunities?
  • How is our understanding of the soil microbiome driving new advances in crop protection to improve nutrient uptake, increase yields and make crops more nutritious, resilient and safe?
Start-Up Pitching Session

Four early-stage companies pitch their agtech solutions to our audience, each followed by a Q&A with our panel of Shark Investors.

Networking Break: Meet the Start-Ups

An opportunity to connect with Asia’s most exciting agri-food start-ups in the TechHub exhibition.

Developing a Safer Food System from Farm to Fork in Asia
  • What are the key pain points in Asia’s food safety system? Where are the opportunities for technology to address these, and what initiatives and innovation are emerging? How are these fairing at scale and what challenges need to be overcome?
  • What innovation is emerging to facilitate the efficient detection of contaminants and residue pesticide levels, to reduce food safety breaches and recalls?
  • Can we ever ensure a fully traceable, transparent, connected system, with end to end linkage? What incentives and models are facilitating participation? What are the opportunities for collaboration to ensure a cohesive, harmonized approach? How should data privacy be approached?
  • What is the role of policy and regulation in supporting robust food safety systems?
Investor Insights: Assessing the Agtech Investment Opportunities in Asia
  • Which areas of agtech are today’s most active VC and strategic investors excited about for Southeast Asia, China and India? Which have the biggest potential for growth and widespread transformation? Where should entrepreneurs be focusing their attention?
  • Which new regional players are entering the agtech investment space, and where is a different approach needed to traditional tech investments?
  • What developments have we seen in the Asian agtech investment space in the last year? What are leading investors’ predictions for the next 2-3 years?
  • What are the challenges of applying international solutions to Southeast Asia, and how can investors work with start-ups to successfully adapt and translate their ideas and models?
Networking Drinks
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